June 4, 2013

Connection with People.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


If we all are connected, why do we feel this connection with some people more than other?


The universal connection we have with everyone and all life is by virtue of our pure consciousness. The emotional connection with feel with some people and not others has to do with our shared experiences, affection, memories and emotional interactions with them.


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  1. Francine Guturrez

    becuase we are not all at the same vibrational field of creation...

  2. Surrinder Sood

    Tolerance and positive emotions stabilize this emotional and interpersonal connectivity.

  3. Victoria Mejia Arte en Accesorios México

    Para cerrar esta sesión de Victoria Mejía arte en accesorios MÉXICO, frases y cuestionamientos del gran Deepak Chopra. que sigan disfrutando esta hermosa tarde.

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