January 11, 2012

Compassion and Suffering.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Compassion is the feeling of shared suffering. When you feel someone else's suffering, there is the birth of understanding.

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  1. Nicoleades

    I tried to have compassion for my brother but I was being swallowed up by his illness. My family was suffering so I pulled away.....he committed suicide. I was one of the only ones he trusted and I bailed. I lost my compassion and lost him.

  2. Debra Murphy

    Thank you for the opportunity to share this. I have a very active lifestyle and got an injury that led to frozen shoulder. It`s very painful and debilitating. Prior I would see and hear people say they are in pain constantly and I would often think...if they would just move/exercise they wouldn`t be in the pain. I believe I brought this (frozen shoulder) into my life experience to teach me compassion, and it has..Successfully done!

  3. Deborah Henry Hintze

    The high child malnutrition rate in India and elsewhere is heartbreaking. It is every child`s birthright to be nourished so that their brains and bodies develop properly. If governments, corporations, and we the people agreed to invest in basic human rights instead of war and dirty energy, we could solve the problems of malnutrition, starvation, lack of education and the environment.

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