April 7, 2023
Ask Deepak

Communicating with the Universe.


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I attended the Curiosity Retreat in July where I learned of the concept of the consciousness as another dimension. Our consciousness apparently utilizes our physical body to communicate with and in this universe: 1. What makes this universe important to communicate with or in? 2. Is individual consciousness an ongoing eternal thing? Thanks,


Communicating with the universe doesn’t mean communicating with interstellar helium clouds or background radiation in other galaxies. The universe stands for the totality of all intelligence, energy and creativity that coordinates and underlies all the phenomena that we experience and live in our lives. Communicating with that field of pure existence is important because our lives are part of this phenomenal world, and working in harmony with this universal force of evolution makes life easier and much more enjoyable. 

In answer to your second question: individual existence at its core is eternal, pure consciousness, and identical with universal existence. 



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