December 16, 2016

Career Ideals and Listening.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Is it possible that higher self and the universe doesn’t want me to succeed in a particular field? I try so hard, listen to affirmations, study the technical aspects of it, read all about it, the psychological of it and work on myself. It has been more than one year, but when in crunch time, I choose the wrong things and missed the opportunities, it is so weird, as if some kind of force or something make me choose the wrong things and pass the good things. I know it is still need more practices and more work on inner myself, but I am so frustrated and confused whether it is my destiny to succeed in this field, should I still persist or just give up?

I still haven’t given up and persist because I like this field (trading) and I thought it is perfect field to improve on myself (discipline, being in the flow, relationship with money, etc.)

In my younger days, I used to organise events and competitions in nightclubs, it seems different and so effortless, as if my higher self and universe wants me to succeed in that field, one thing led to another. Many people appear to help me, if contestants quit, then another ones appear soon enough, in fact I can say I am quite lazy (not work so hard like the above field, I basically just design the posters and telling people what to do), and yet people helping and doing some of the works (public relations, marketing, finding contestants, selling tickets).  And the events usually packed and successful, many other people try to do the same things, but not as packed or even not many people come at all. Come to think of it, all the stories (for example, people meet and get married, people become good friends / enemies, as if I am the catalysis of their meetings), as it is meant to be, so it’s nice.

And now I am in such time, to make a decision soon, to give up or persist, I am so sad, as if losing a purpose in life (I thought I found it by doing trading)


I wouldn’t think of this in terms of whether your higher self doesn’t want you to succeed in this field, look at this as what your dharma, or spiritual path is supporting or not. Often we build a case in our mind for what field would ideally be good for us without really listening to our heart and seeing how nature is responding to that decision.

In your situation, it appears that the universe is not supporting this trading plan. You went on to describe a previous job that you did very well at with minimal effort. It seems your answer is right there. Listen to what the universe is telling you and follow the direction where your life purpose is supported, even if your ego mind hasn’t caught up yet.



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