July 5, 2024
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Can chakra energy also affect our physical body?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I awoke to my True Nature twenty-three years ago while drinking coffee and taking in a beautiful morning. 

Out of nowhere, an effortless joy and peace suffused me. 

As I wondered at it, a mysterious word arose, syllable by syllable…SWA RU PA. 

Because I’d spent time in India, I suspected that it was Sanskrit. 

I went to Ramana Maharishi’s books and discovered its meaning as ‘True Nature’. 

So, ever since, each morning, and often through the day, I have returned to This, my True Self. 

There is, of course, instant recognition and joy. 

Here’s my question: The sensation of something like a knot of energy has slowly risen to the area of my solar plexus and has been building there in intensity for a few years. 

Not really painful, more like a deep ache.

It is constant and exacerbated when I go into the Silence. 

And now, for a couple of years, I am beginning to experience a little low blood pressure problem and atrial fibrillation for which I take medication (I’m 74). 

I’m just curious about the relationship between these two events…the bliss/ache when it goes into my Self and the heart problem. 

Really, I can easily just continue to surrender to This and allow its wisdom to show itself. 

In fact, this really seems to be the only thing to do. 

But I’m curious. 

As I slowly become accustomed to the movement of this profound energy, will the heart problem recede?



I loved your account of awakening to your true self and being suffused with joy and peace. 

The knot of energy you describe reminds me of the Brahma granthi, which is a subtle knot of energy in the lower abdominal area (granthi means knot in Sanskrit) which deals with the deep, often unconscious instincts and attachment to physical survival and protection. 

This knot restricts the free movement of awareness toward greater expansion and expression. 

I do not believe that this sensation in your solar plexus area is causally related to or that it is contributing to your heart condition.

What you have been guided to do already is exactly what you should be doing—lovingly envelop the sensation with the presence of your awareness, neither trying to get rid of the sensation nor encouraging it. 

Just benign acceptance. 

This spiritual, non-judgmental embracing will loosen and dissolve the knot over time. 

The other thing I might add is that in the Yoga tradition, there is a technique called jalandhara bandha that is specifically prescribed for helping release the brahma granthi. 

Check it out online and on YouTube, and if you feel it would be helpful, you can try it out.



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