June 7, 2021
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Birth Family Responsibilities.


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As light workers and/or someone on the spiritual path, what is our assignment in regards to our birth family? Lately, I have felt very disconnected to those closest to me especially my parents. I don’t understand how they can “live” on a daily basis without asking themselves “who am I” “what is my purpose” or try to embody their I AM Presence. I have been playing the parent role determined to help them with their fears and illusions and get them on a spiritual path but it only works against me. They don’t understand my spiritual path and question my life a lot. What are your thoughts on our relationship with our birth family? Will we eventually detach the more we “ascend” into our oneness? Thank you


Everyone, including your parents, are growing toward their spiritual awakening at their own pace and in accordance with their own framework of understanding. Just because they have an alternate view of life than yours does not mean they are less spiritually evolved than you. And even if such a thing could be measured, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a huge leap forward very quickly at any time.

In your case, this situation with your parents is an opportunity for you to learn to not judge them and at the same time it is pushing you to find that strength of love and compassion inside your heart so that you are not hurt by their misunderstanding of you. Your assignment is to grow closer to them in the things that matter, and to be detached or not mindful of the areas of difference that don’t really matter.



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