December 22, 2012

Big Idea 2013: A Critical Mass of Consciousness.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Written by Deepak Chopa for Linkedin

Our world right now is in a state of worrisome turbulence and chaos. If we are to achieve any measure of success in creating a more peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy planet, it will require more than the participation of governments and businesses.

We'll need a critical mass of consciousness.

To any observer, it’s obvious that the United Nations is struggling to fulfill its declared Millennium Development Goals:

  1.     Eradicate extreme poverty
  2.     Achieve universal primary education
  3.     Promote gender equality and empower women
  4.     Reduce child mortality
  5.     Improve maternal health
  6.     Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  7.     Ensure environmental sustainably
  8.     Develop a global partnership for development

I feel that the only solution is the creation of networks of creativity and “love in action.” A social network like LinkedIn is the perfect place for groups to organize this solution, through a process that is creative and self-organizing. New ideas would be offered, and as people backed them with time, effort, and funds, the solutions would become self-organizing – they would grow along natural lines of enthusiasm and support, bypassing blocks imposed by special interests and nationalism.

A dynamic network can be initiated by any community leader who has passion and commitment to create a better world. There would be an initiation fee to join the network, and each member would be responsible for bringing two other members to the network with similar resources and commitment. This would create a financially sustainable model.

The banking and financial transactions would be transparent and published weekly on the Internet. Projects and NGOS (non-government organizations) would be identified by the network for support, and then a democratic vote by all network members would determine which projects are to be funded. A simple notation such as a like would suffice as a vote in favor.

A critical mass of people need to be engaged in the process while also undergoing personal transformation through spiritual practices of every kind.

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  1. Debstar

    This is not your Big idea Deepak? CMC has been around for a while it was used in 1987 worldwide in the Harmonic Convergence before internet as we know it!

  2. soullevelcommunicate

    Agree that True consciousness building doesn`t have to use money to measure, although at current a lot of initiatives still need money to support. to bring in financial resources in should only be optional to join in the network, why not make it as donation? The current world chaos can be identified by Money-Centered economy, morality. We`re actually become slaves of money, willingly or unwillingly. And if the network send high vibrations it would attract more people to expand, members don`t have to be obligated to bringing in other people - this reminds me of the pyramid sale.

  3. leelin

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