May 19, 2014

Beyond Victimization.


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Dear Deepak
Years of counseling helped me identify the behavior patterns in which I was raised, narcissist family, some borderline personality disorder, alcoholic father, enabling mother, but recently I quit counseling in order to move beyond what felt like blaming. I'm challenging myself to move beyond victim ideation. I practice seeing my parents as their highest selves, and me with them. I'm not very good at it. Is this a good practice to continue?


It’s a good exercise to be able to see your parents in terms of their highest soul purpose working in accord with your own soul growth. It helps you rise above the belief that the difficult periods of your life were spiritually meaningless times of victimization in your life. Don’t worry about trying to visualize it too clearly. It is enough to have a clear understanding that all events and significant people in our lives are parts of our journey to wholeness and awakening.


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  1. HeatherRae106

    I`m sorry that you had to live through that. I, also was raised in a disfuncinal home. I will say that once I let go of the anger, I started to feel better. I also read many of Deepak`s books. I now know that EVERYTHING in our lives happens for a reason. It teaches us something that we need to learn or puts us on the path we need to be on. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer 8yrs ago. They only gave me 5yrs to live. I have been fighting and winning ever since. I wouldn`t change getting cancer at all! It taught me the greatest lesson! I needed it! Now that I have learned it, God and his angels have kept me alive longer than ever. I use to ask "what did I do so wrong to deserve a life like this?" I can`t change what happened. So why dwell on it. I will say, think of your parents as humans that need help. They are sick. I read that you should pray for them instead of being angry at them. I am a parent and would NEVER treat my child the way mine did. But I have made mistakes. They just made bigger ones. I have removed them from my life and focus on MY life. I do write them, but that`s it. It`s your life and you live it for you now. Just don`t repeat their mistakes. Spend time in Mother Nature. It connects you to whats important. If you would like to chat, I am on FB.. Best wishes...

  2. Author of question

    Wow. This is so cool. Thanks for picking my question, Deepak! And thanks to this community for all these supportive answers. I`m weepy, my cyber-friends. Letting to of the fear of being hurt again requires daily practice and sometimes it feels so crazy to just be love and light. Lol. Counseling was very healing but now I`m healing from the healing. Thank you everybody. Merci. Graçias.

  3. FreakyHealer

    Accept, Respect, Gratitude and Forgive... all and everybody. All was and is perfect! You can read more about "setting yourself free" here at and about nourishing your "inner child" here at and about "what is mine and what is yours" here at This is all free information. Sending you love, peace and magic your way!

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