October 25, 2015

Being Where You Don’t Belong.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak,

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been increasingly aware of my connection with Source. For the last eighteen years, I’ve been doing my best to live my everyday life aware of my spiritual nature. Before the situation I’ll describe below, my life was all about positivity, inner peace and good vibes. I felt very, very good about myself and everyone around me felt good and complimented me on my positive attitude towards life. What’s more, whenever change came around, I flowed with it and I was certain that it was happening for the better, which it was. About seven years ago though, after long periods of positive affirmations and the positivity described above, I found the “best” job I had ever had. It was a job at an institution whose principles, vision and mission did not really match mine, but it was a “really good” job. I accepted the job and for some reason that still is and was unknown to me, almost unconsciously, I “decided” that I couldn’t be myself to fit in and thrive in this community, so I started to behave in the way I thought would make it easiest for me to conform. I worked hard and it paid off. In the beginning, feedback was good, I made money that allowed me to enjoy things that I really wanted to, and I even got promoted to a position where I reported directly to management. However, the more I progressed, the more stressed, judgmental and unhappy I became. In the last two years, while my innermost being silently screamed that I didn’t belong in that place, many of the people who worked there began to be antagonistic and unfriendly to me and to complain about my work. Then, I fell out with management and quit my administrative responsibilities. I thought they would fire me, but they didn’t. They just kept my workload to a minimum. I, on the other hand, decided not to quit because I didn’t want to lose the severance payment I’d be entitled to if they fired me, so I decided to stay and make the best out of the situation. With so much newfound free time in my hands, I started meditating and doing lots of healing and forgiveness work again, which is where your 21-day meditation experiences have helped me tremendously. The quality of my inner life has improved significantly. However, I keep working in the same place and seeing the same people every day, which isn’t necessarily easy. Even though I have forgiven them in my meditations, this doesn’t mean I want to be best friends with them (nor they with me). Quite frankly, I’d very much rather be somewhere else where I can start anew on a clean slate, but I know that if I’m still there it’s for a reason. Meanwhile, I keep doing your meditations and other healing work, but it’s hard. What should I do? What’s the lesson behind all this?


Instead of looking for a reason or lesson for why something is happening in your life, you may find it you may find it more empowering and engaging to embrace the experience fully without the filters and limitations of the mind’s concepts. The boundaries of the mind will always be a poor approximation of the actual wisdom and love contained in the raw experience of life. When you completely and consciously enter into present experience, you don’t need to look for life lessons; your life is the lesson. What you do or say, whether you stay or go, doesn’t matter. Your presence of awareness will have its value, purpose and impact regardless.



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  1. Haricarana das

    Very inspiring and thought-provoking article. Thank you, Namaste

  2. Haricarana das

    Very inspiring and thought-provoking article. Thank you, Namaste

  3. Haricarana das

    Very inspiring and thought-provoking article. Thank you, Namaste

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