July 18, 2023
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Is it okay to use mala beads to help focus meditation?.


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Namaste dear Deepak, I am participating in one of your meditation programs. My question is, while doing the mantra, can I use a mala beads to help keep focused on the mantra? Thank you for your help.



For my type of meditation practices, it is preferable not to use mala beads to remind you to repeat the mantra. Instead, When the mind wanders off the mantra, let that mental process play itself out naturally and come back to the mantra once the mind realizes it is not thinking the mantra. That space of time is precious to this meditation, because this is the place where the gap is experienced, and the mind and body release whatever it is able to let go of at that time. With a necklace of beads, the mind will be trained to go directly from one repetition of the mantra to the next, with less of an opportunity for the mantra to settle down and slip away into the gap. The mantra is only a vehicle to allow the mind to go beyond the mantra and thought and experience its true nature. Repeating a mantra aloud a number of times using beads has a different purpose. There, the purpose of the practice is in the physical/mental effect of the sound of the mantra.



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