December 20, 2014

Anxiety in Mediation.


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Dear Deepak,
I really love the online meditations, so thank you. One thing that happened for a few days during the last one was that I started to feel really anxious and fearful a few minutes after the mediations began. It wasn’t just the normal random thoughts where I could go back to the mantra as I normally would. It just held my attention and it made my chest tight and my breathing shallow. When I would think the mantra, I would be doing it with that anxiousness. It didn’t feel right and I wasn’t sure what to do. Btw, it did stop after a few days, but if it happens again I want to know what to do.


You did fine. If you can comfortably return to the mantra, without straining the mind, then do that. If the emotion is too dominating, then stop thinking the mantra and put your attention on the physical sensations in your body. In this case it would have been your chest area. Notice the sensations there neutrally, neither minding whether they increase or decrease in intensity.
By allowing attention to be with the physical process of emotional release, you are supporting and facilitating that healing. Once the sensation abates, you will notice other types of thoughts popping into your mind. That is the indication that it time to return to the mantra.


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  1. Ala

    Break depression, create happiness. Do hobbies with passion. Talk with friends. Nice opinion.

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