February 25, 2013

Agitated in Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


When I meditate. Sometimes I hear nothing around me then there are times that EVERYTHING "gets" to me. I get an itchy hand, or an urge to cough or my mind bounces from thought to thought and I eventually stop meditating and feel agitated. What can I do? I love meditating. It gets me through everything, but these particular moments put quite a damper on my meditation.


All meditators have gone through this experience where every little thing that could be a distraction in meditation happens, one after the other. Don’t fight it. Recognize that this is the kind of meditation that is required at this time to get at the particular conditioning you need to release. It may not seem like good, deep meditation, but different tools are required for different tasks, and some stress can only be cleared through this kind of agitated meditation. So don’t judge it as ineffective meditation just because it feels superficial and scattered. Continue the practice easily and soon enough you will be back in more comfortable and familiar territory.


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  1. Lydia Hand

    I think that, at least in the beginning, everyone experiences that. It seems to me that the point is not to not think, but to be aware of our thinking as something separate from us. That is--we are not stuck in the thought, but watching it go by.

  2. prema

    Awesome. this was exactly what i was looking for. I have the exact same experience now and then and realized that i should not judge it, just accept it and keep continuing. But now coming from Dr. Chopra is going to make it much more easier to accept. thanks so much !!!!!

  3. YourSoul

    It is the same as having a vivid disturbing dream just before you wake up. Those are the ones that linger in memory a bit longer than others (unless you write everything down that you "dream" of. It is quite a creative challenge to make something positive of it but imagination and fantasy are always able to turn it around in exactly the way you want it to be..........

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