November 1, 2021
Ask Deepak

Aging and Relevance to God.


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I have always felt a personal relationship with God and the universe that, among other manifestations, would reveal itself through synchronistic timing and events. I won’t go into endless examples but simple things like doing a home call (I’m a Mac tech) in one far corner of town and getting another call from someone right next door while I’m out on the initial call. My question is whether this sort of synchronicity and “God keeping you in the palm of His hand” evaporates with age and the lessening of hormones and strength (life force?). I am approaching my sixtieth birthday and fear that I’m slipping into irrelevance in the eyes of God and the Universe.


There is no expiration date on your value to the universe. And even if there was, it would have no connection to hormones.  What you may be noticing after a lifetime of intimacy with Nature through synchronicity and grace, is a comfortable familiarity with the flow of life such that you no longer need these special gifts of inspiration to keep you inspired. Maybe now your purpose or relevance is allowing others to see how their lives are connected and guided to that divine intelligence you know so well.



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