September 18, 2014

A Life of Fulfillment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

A life of fulfillment comes from within, through the knowledge that you were created with everything you need to be happy.

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  1. heartphone

    A life of fulfillment can only be valued in introspection and reflection of experiences that travel both ways in and out and out and in. No one really can say whether it all comes from only one direction. A child experiences the love of the father and mother coming from outside, reflects this from inside and radiates it back outside. Look at the first smile of a baby! The outside world definitely is not an illusion. What we have to understand however is that what we radiate we receive back. If we radiate love and compassion we will receive it back. If we radiate anxiety and fear we will receive that back. Definitely to me a two way journey that results in and and situations in both ways.

  2. Ron Greenstein

    No doubt, for you, this world is a hard unforgiving desert, but when the friend points the way to the oasis, why do you ignore him? The sun is indeed hot and the journey long, but when the friend draws water, why do you refuse to drink and then complain of thirst? Your feet are blistered, your tongue is swollen, your body aches, but there is only the thinnest piece of canvas hanging before the door to your friend’s tent. Inside all is cool pillowed ease, song and dance, and deep draughts of laughing comfort. Every now and then, as you plod wearily along, you hear the faint strains of the merriment issuing forth. What can I say to convince you to enter the friend’s tent? Oh my friends, do not guard your grief like a secret treasure. throw it to the winds. Let the sand blow over it. Let the jackals fight amongst themselves for its possession. Why are you so insistent on traveling on when you have no destination, and every grain of sand in this vast desert is the same? Do you really think life will be any different once you get there? All your tears will never make this desert bloom. Come, come. Inside the friend’s tent, there is always room for one more. Steve Klein, “Fire and Smoke” pg 23

  3. Elsa Aguiar


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