October 28, 2011

A Joke and Parenting.


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I have a question… Your probably busy and I don’t know if you personally update this page but I am reading ‘Why God Is Laughing’ and loving it but there is a joke I don’t understand. Please excuse my silliness if it’s obvious.

“A little girl is taken to a restaurant by her parents. The waiter stands by while they read the menu. The little girl says, ‘I want a hamburger.’
“The mother looks over at the father. ‘How does a Greek salad sound?’
“‘Fine,’ he replies.
“‘We’ll have three Greek salads,’ the mother tells the waiter.
“Turning to the kitchen, the waiter shouts, “two Greek salads and a hamburger.’
“‘Look, mommy,’ the little girl exclaims. ‘He thinks I’m real!’”

If anyone else could please explain this for me I would be very grateful. I am loving the book and wouldn’t want to continue reading without understanding it.

Deepak's Response:

The joke is not a central piece of the book by any means, but it simply expresses the humorous irony of how parents in their love for their child may act as if they don’t hear them or that their wishes don’t matter. And in contrast a stranger may actually hear and respond to them in a way that treats them as an authentic person in their own right.

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  1. Isis

    Ahhwwww. I love this. It was so light hearted at first, so funny. However as I thought about it a little longer. Tears started coming out of my eyes, as because of the behavior of the adults around me when I was little, it took me a long time to realize my self worth, and find that am worth loving. In deeper issues (than picking the menu) of my own life I was always disregarded, as if my say was never worthy. In any case, I wish parents could understand, they are not superior to their child. At best they are being granted the privilege to show the ropes of this realm, to guide a soul, this is vague and vastly subjective (and where most discrepancies happen). So that in the end every divine being can practice its highest self, free will, and experience the love of the universe (here on earth).

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