November 14, 2013

5 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings.


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The average American consumes 156 pounds of added sugar every year, according to federal sources. Follow Deepak Chopra's lead to lick this habit.

1 Avoid sugary snacks like sodas, doughnuts and candy bars. A jolt of sugar worsens cravings and spikes insulin and blood sugar. If you must have sweets, eat them at lunch or dinner, when other foods can buffer sugar's impact.

2. Try weaning yourself off sugar. For a snack, slice an apple or other fruit and sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar or honey on top. You will get an intense sugar taste, but the amount of sugar ingested will be minimal, and the whole fruit will help buffer it.

3. Don't use artificial sweeteners. You may think you are fooling your body with a diet soda, but the sweet taste is enough to alter your blood sugar and stoke the craving for more sugar.

4. Wait 10 minutes before ordering dessert in a restaurant. Have a cup of coffee or tea, or distract yourself with good conversation. Giving your body a chance to register that it isn't hungry goes a long way toward making sugar cravings subside.

5. Before you give yourself a fix of sugar, stop, close your eyes and wait a moment. Ask yourself: Do I want to make this choice? Often, the craving will pass naturally. Even if you give yourself a fix this time, keep repeating this exercise. The more opportunities you have to make the right choice, the higher your rate of success.

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  1. Marianne Jordan Labarca


  2. bart

    Get rid of my sugar sddiction was one of the first things i had to do to start my weight loss and healthhy life. Your Perfect Health is a company located in the Netherlands which helped me a lot. In three months i lost 40 pounds without those sugar cravings. I know also some people with diabetes who are following this program from Your Perfect Health who doesn`t need insuline shots anymore and are doing great.

  3. Positivehealin

    I had a craving for sweets and junk food. I stopped eating sweets and fried and junk food. Slowly the temptation and cravings stopped. I feel better and lost 44lbs by staying happy and changing my diet and eating healthy food. Also not skipping meals, eating what is required. I feel we need to pamper our body and keep telling our mind as to what is good for us. Happy to see changes and love when friends and family observe the changes and appreciate my new look. I can exercise also and it does not make me feel fatigue .I feel happy.

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